B2B eCommerce: Maximising Your Return From Your B2B Online Investment

B2B Wholesale is a difficult market, but it's clear there are winners and losers. Recent research shows that B2B eCommerce is growing rapidly suggests that being Online has something to do with who wins and who loses.

In this video Mark Thornton, Director of eCommerce at Maginus will discuss the Key Lessons to ensure B2B Wholesalers can succeed in an online world. On behalf of both EPiServer and Maginus, Mark explains how technology can play a significant role in delivering a successful online proposition that can take you to the next stage of your online journey.

The latest figures from IMRG reveal that e-retail now accounts for 21% of UK retail sales. Despite the growth, there is often a perception of the wholesale sector being relatively unaffected. Face-to-face transactions, negotiated pricing, allegedly “old fashioned customers” (despite the fact that these same customers probably just click-and-collected at Argos or Tesco on their way home from work) can all combine to form an impression of a sector unready or unwilling to embrace the online world. The reality is that nothing could be further from the truth.

Download our White Paper: Wholesale in an Online World to take a look at real life examples of successful online B2B businesses and consequences of standing still. 

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