10 Core Components: POS for Retailers in Pursuit of Multichannel Perfection

Post Date: 29 May 2015 Author: Mark Thornton


Retailers are seeking to provide a seamless customer experience across all sales channels in the pursuit of multichannel perfection and the resulting customer satisfaction.

Investment in fantastic functionality offered by online stores and supported by comprehensive back office solutions has often seen the shop POS terminal as the weak link in the omnichannel experience.


The Solution

This has now been solved by Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail, implemented and developed by Maginus.

Through the terminal or mobile tablet the Shop Assistance has available to them the same complex functions the customer has through the website, or the call centre operator has through Dynamics AX.


1. Multichannel Order History

Understand your customer with a view of all purchase history across each channel.


2. Repeat Purchases

Offer services such as repeat purchases, replacements and accessories.


3. Multiple Delivery Addresses

One order, multiple lines, delivered to individual addresses. Reduces cost of sales while offering the customer the personalised service they want.


4. Gifting Functionality

Each consignment can have a personal gift message - quick and easy through the terminal. Retailers can promote purchase in store with home delivery. The customer receives advice from professional customer service staff - and with it comes upsell opportunities!


5. Inventory Visibility Across the Entire Retail Estate

Avoid customer disappointment due to local outages – sell inventory from any location with confidence.


6. Product Configurator to “Build your own Bundle”.

Allow customers to create their own bundle through the configurator. The solution understands combination and volume discounts.


7. Multi-Currency

The POS terminal not only allows purchases in multiple currencies but also split bills between currencies.


8. Multi Payment Type and Payment-on-Account Options

Pay by cash, card or on account.


9. Gift Cards

The terminal integrates into the Givex solution for a best in class gift card experience.


10. Loyalty Card Schemes

Add and use loyalty points through the terminal.



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Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail combines point-of-sale (POS), store operations, merchandising and retail headquarters processes with enterprise resource planning (ERP) and financial management in a comprehensive solution that delivers value in every area of your retail organisation.