Insight & Reports

Our guides cover a range of areas that we hope will be of interest to retailers or B2B wholesalers who trade across a number of different sales channels. Our aim is to give no nonsense advice and industry insight based on years of experience of working with omnichannel businesses.

Omnichannel Wholesale: The Magic in the Mix

For wholesalers, omnichannel beats single-channel hands-down: The Magic is in The Mix. Learn from the best in omnichannel B2B: B&Q Tradepoint, Wolseley, RS Components, ERA and Nisbets.

The Dawn of Post-Modern Retailing

With retailers outsourcing an increasing number of business processes, we outline the benefits of outsourcing and how retailers can retain a degree of control in the new era of "Post-modern Retail".

The New Retail Initiative

Retailers are taking bold steps to replace their existing 'shop-floor' POS solutions with a new initiative, "The Concept Store", that aims to push the boundaries of retail presentation and strategy.

Executive Guide To SaaS And The Cloud

Download this executive guide to find out more about SaaS, the different types of cloud & the key benefits of SaaS. We explain why many companies still choose an on-premise solution & answer FAQs.


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