Customer Profitability for B2B: Searching for Good and Bad Customers to Increase Profits

Eye on the Goal

This whitepaper looks at how organisations should define which customers are good for your business and which ones might actually be damaging your business.

We examine how chasing the goal of customer service excellence, while on the face of it, may sound laudable, could be diverting resource and focus from the ultimate goal of making a profit.

We then outline the six steps companies should take to accurately calculate customer value and what to do when you know which customers are profitable, which are breaking even and which are losing you money.

  • In This Free 4-Page Report You'll Learn:

  • 6 Steps to calculate customer value.

  • How to find out which customers are profitable, losing you money and which are breaking-even.

  • How to develop a data driven approach to customer service.

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