The UK's No.1 Episerver Commerce Partner

We are the leading provider of Episerver Commerce in the UK for implementations of the latest version of Episerver Commerce and Episerver CMS into leading UK brands.


Maginus was the first Certified Episerver Commerce Developer in the UK. What's more, we are 1 of only 11 companies worldwide to gain this certification. 

Digital Transformation in a Box

Episerver is a leading robust, flexible and highly customisable eCommerce solution designed for both Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) organisations. This omnichannel, mobile first e-commerce platform is built around five essential areas: content, commerce, social reach, campaign monitoring & optimisation and mobile to work full circle for your online business. Ensuring you only need one solution for all your digital marketing and selling needs. 


This integrated approach to content and commerce lets you focus your efforts on nurturing visitors throughout the entire customer journey. Ultimately, Episerver helps you improve your customer service and increase your revenue online.

Creating Valuable Digital Experiences with Episerver Commerce & CMS

We love it when you think fast, and act even faster. Today’s business opportunities can appear and change in an instant, so you need to be able to react quickly and effectively.


Episerver Digital Experience Cloud™ is the platform that includes all the tools you need to easily manage content, optimise digital marketing, and deliver a friction-free e-commerce experience.


A Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management (WCM) & Digital Commerce

Episerver takes a place among the leaders in the web content management sphere, recognised by customers as providing a product designed for the future of WCM in the age of digital business.


The study praises Episerver’s usability and ease of integration – highly regarding it as a “product for the future of WCM” in the age of digital business.


Episerver are also positioned in the Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce. This milestone reinforces their market presence, company viability and product capabilities. The evaluation is based on the "Ability to Execute" & "Completeness of Vision".

Episerver is used by more than 130,000 eCommerce, content and marketing managers deliver the best customer experience on over 20,000 websites

Episerver's No.1 Premium Solution Partner in the UK

Maginus is a Premium solution partner for Episerver, the highest level of certification available.  Our Premium level accreditation recognises the high level of product certification and skill set within our team and the robust project governance model that ensures that all projects are delivered successfully.


One of the biggest eCommerce platforms in Europe

Powering more than 30,000  websites worldwide

Supporting more than 250,000 web editors

More than 25,000 developers in the community

Serving more than 8,800 customers in 30 countries

Manage content with ease

Create content for mobile, desktop and everything in-between.


One unified interface for authoring, layout and asset management.


Team collaboration and project management tools.


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Powerful marketing & campaign tools

Segment and personalise all content – from entire pages to individual words.


Drive organic and social traffic with automatic landing pages and social publishing.


Make smarter decisions with on-page analytics and cross-channel dashboards.



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Closed-loop digital commerce

Manage and personalise all your products and content in the same place.


Increase sales with product recommendations and personalised content marketing.


Quickly connect to backend systems with a powerful and concise developer API.



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Have you outgrown your eCommerce platform?

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