Think Integration Doesn't Matter? Think Again.


Seamless integration is one of the biggest challenges any business will face in trying to build an omni-channel customer experience. It is crucial within today‚Äôs retail (and distribution) landscape. If done well, integration can provide your business with the flexibility to adapt and change as it grows - done badly and it will become a major barrier to growth.

Maginus are experts at integrating the different channels within your business to help you achieve omnichannel excellence.

Many omnichannel businesses have invested significantly in their IT infrastructure and do not necessarily want to replace it all in one go. Others do not want the disruption and risk of replacing their whole infrastructure in one "Big Bang" and therefore need to integrate elements of their existing infrastructure and new systems as they are rolled out. By having a powerful integration toolset and a partner that is expert in integrating multiple technologies you gain the major advantage of being able to replace your legacy solutions in a step-by-step manner.


Integration tools should be adaptable, allowing you to create and manage any type of integration service without the need for traditional coding and restrictions in functionality. Changes should be easy to make at any time, and changes should, of course, only have to be made in one place.


For this reason Maginus uses an integration tool from iCore Solutions.


iCore Integration Suite

The iCore Integration Suite from iCore Solutions  allows you to develop the exact integrations you need, allowing you to completely customise the information flows throughout your business. iCore Integration Suite is a component based integration solution with a strong toolkit for configuring customer-unique information flows. It contains a large number of packaged, configurable ERP, application and technology accelerators for creating and managing services - whether invoked through your existing databases, web portals, BPM platforms or ERP systems.


With iCore, you get all the flexibility of standard programming languages without the disadvantages. To view the overall integration benefits of working with Maginus and iCore Solutions click here.

Integration Strategy White Paper

This free 8-page data sheet outlines the tactics that can be employed as part of an enterprise integration strategy, our approach and the business benefits of the enterprise service bus (ESB).

Download our Integration Strategy White Paper