B2B eCommerce

Nobody can be unaware that the Internet has changed the commercial environment in the UK and globally. It is clear that being online can, and does, make the difference between success and failure as a wholesaler in today's omnichannel world.

Different Customers, Different Needs

To be a success in the B2B market the fundamentals are the same as with the B2C market - what works for consumers when using a B2C site, is just the same in the B2B world. So, appealing layout, functional navigation and high-class site search are all essentials.


Of course there are key differences, which lead to different functional and user experience needs. The types of clients that wholesalers are typically dealing with are often complex and span from large complex organisations through to sole traders and right down to the casual consumer.


  • State-of-the-art CMS & Commerce that makes B2B as easy as B2C:

  • B2B buying that’s as intuitive as B2C

    Maginus supports your direct-to-consumer strategy with omnichannel capabilities from acquisition to retention.

  • Intelligent search experience

    With smart search functionality including autocomplete, search results based on behavioural tracking and faceted navigation - your visitors can find what they want easily and intuitively.

  • Real-time personalisation

    Comprehensive and advanced personalisation to deliver targeted and relevant content on the fly.

  • Increased sales efficiency

    Self-service and order management tools give customers the ability to manage and place orders, track status and make changes. Leaving your sales resource to focus on larger orders and high-value accounts.

  • Customer specific pricing

    You can create as many business customer groups as you need and run targeted promotions such as: tiered pricing, specific trade catalogue and discounts.

  • Making it easier for your business customers to trade with you the way they want to:

  • Increased convenience and engagement across channels

    Our B2B eCommerce solution lets your customers research, buy and manage their business transactions from their PC, mobile, tablet and in-store.

  • Multi-screen ready

    Your customers don’t see channels. Your content needs to be everywhere – and needs to be enabled and optimised for PC, mobile and tablet.

  • Personalised to increase conversions

    Our B2B eCommerce solution allows you to personalise mobile content by customer segment, context and device making sure you make the most of every interaction.

  • Smarter, faster marketing. With less effort from you:

  • Made for the agile marketer

    Respond to market changes quickly and easily. The platform’s web-based content management system allows you to drag-and-drop content, editorial and products into place. they will be automatically optimised for desktop, mobile and tablet in real-time.

  • Support complex product catalogues

    We have experience working with many enterprise-level, B2B companies with large product portfolios, SKU’s, and product volumes. Our eCommerce solution is tailored to B2B with complex pricing logic and user/role management out-of-the-box.

  • Increase your traction in Organic Search

    Maximise your site’s visibility and SEO rankings with our integrated SEO tools. Insights are built into the page and provide real-time suggestions on what to improve.

  • Automatic Content Optimisation

    Our eCommerce software gives you the tools to test and measure your site performance. Our self-optimising features intelligently learns which content works best for your segments and automatically displays this content more often.

  • Personalised online experiences

    Helping you craft truly personalised online experiences, giving your B2B customers a “B2C-like” experience and more.

  • Flexible & Agile for Cross-Border eCommerce:

  • Manage multiple markets, languages and currencies

    Rapidly deploy and manage multiple B2B sites within a single platform. Sell across your markets using one catalogue and adapting product and marketing information and localising languages, currencies and payment types.

  • Optimise your content for different regions

    Sell under different brands with one catalogue by adapting product range and marketing information for each to deliver a personalised brand experience.

  • See what your customers see

    Gain full control of the customer experience at brand or local level. Gain access to market or brand performance and optimise for regional sales.


Seamless Shopping, Simply Created

The pure-play online retailer has a distinct advantage over omnichannel businesses; they are able to react quickly to market demands, they have the ability to change prices and promotions with speed, and get on-trend and seasonal items retailing with agility. However, competition from the high street is getting fierce – with many retailers making significant investments in eCommerce with the aim of providing a truly omnichannel experience.


Trust in Maginus to help you through your growing pains, after all, we help new and established retailers alike. Discover how we can provider a seamless shopping experience – wherever your customers want to buy.

Download: PurePlay eCommerce Data Sheet


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Maginus has over 10 years' experience delivering eCommerce projects to omnichannel retail, wholesale distribution and pure-play eCommerce businesses. We worked with a wide range of online businesses from SMEs, enterprise-level and high growth pure-play eCommerce businesses.



We pride ourselves on the quality of our staff who have helped us to build a solid reputation as a trusted, long term partner for providing high quality advice, implementation and customer service.



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