• Omnichannel Retail Solutions


    Modern consumers demand a consistent shopping experience across all channels in return for their business and loyalty. They want relevant, interactive, and targeted experiences when, where, and how they choose, whilst at the same time expecting a superior level of customer service. Using our technology and experience we can help you implement an omnichannel retail model to match their expectations.


    Are you able to Service Changing Consumer Behaviour?

    The retail market has changed more in the last 5 years than in the previous 5 decades. We now talk in terms of the “connected” consumer – the “always on” shopper – and “customer centric” retail and although the purchase process is the same today as it has always been, all these consumer activities are performed in massively different and ever changing ways.

  • To excel in this environment the modern retailer needs the technology solutions in place that can evolve and flex with each new demand. If today’s retailer is not able to change, they will not be here tomorrow.

  • If You Plan for “Business as Usual”, You Are Planning to Fail

    Black Friday has highlighted, like never before, that systems need to be in place for unprecedented peaks.

    If you have disparate, legacy solutions, designed and implemented to support a business model that is now out of date, you will be creaking under the burden of the requirements of the modern, omnichannel retailer. Those organisations that are able to deliver, through technology, a customer centric seamless cross channel experience are those organisations that will succeed.


    Just Being Good Is No Longer Good Enough

    The modern consumer demands excellence – 3 out of 5 stars does not cut the mustard.

    Feefo reviews and Facebook “likes” have become the selling weapons in the retail battle. Online stores such AO.com and Coop Electrical Shop place these statistics in the most prominent place on their website as they strive to underline their customer service credentials.

    They are able to achieve these accolades by implementing a “joined up” omnichannel solution, placing the customer at the centre of everything they do.

    Maginus excel at delivering complex retail solutions to the omni-channel organisation. We combine the individual components - Point of Service, Online, Back Office, Logistics, Inventory Control and partner integrations into a single solution.

    At the forefront of all our actions are to service the needs of our customer’s customer.

  • Customer Centric Retail

  • Treat Your Customer as an Individual

    Analyse and understand your customer, personalise product offerings to meet their special requirements. Record and react to each and every consumer touch point. Reward brand loyalty with points and price offers.

  • The Customer Cares About Delivery Not Availability

    Provide delivery options to suit the customer not the retailer – click and collect – split deliveries – next day (and today) delivery – pre-order – foreign deliveries – order tracking – multiple delivery addresses.

  • Relate with your Customer with Content Driven eCommerce

    Modern websites cannot be just a catalogue and a checkout - connect with your customer with personalised content.

  • Connected Omnichannel Solutions

  • Point of Service Solutions for Customer Service Excellence

    Give the shop assistant every opportunity to provide excellent customer service via the point of service solution, provide them with customer history, product details, product reviews, recommended accessories and service plans.

  • Connected Commerce for a Seamless Customer Experience

    Let the customer choose how they connect with the brand. Provide a device independent online solution that connects to the same data source as every other customer touch point.

  • Empower the Call Centre

    Place in the hands of the operator the tools, data and functionality to sell efficiently, solve problems, and provide information to the customer.

  • Order Management & Operational Efficiency

  • Centralise Product Management for a Single Version of the Truth

    Replace disparate, inefficient legacy systems with a single data instance – one version of the truth for all.

  • Improve Profitability with Supply Chain Visibility

    Replenish seamlessly across any channel based upon strategy or need. Use systems to manage inventory from within your business estate or expedite purchase orders from the supplier base to ensure no stock outs.

  • Flexibility Business Structure

    Be prepared to restructure your organisation instantly for new store openings, acquisitions or new distribution centre to meet the needs of a changing business landscape.

  • Embark on a Technology Implementation with Confidence

    With Maginus Implementation Services we will prepare you, using a proven methodology, to get results early and ensure that your solution is optimised for peak trading not just business as usual. We will keep up to date with the latest technology via our upgrade program to keep you ahead of your competition.

Omnichannel Retail

Shop the Brand, Not Just the Channel

The move from ‘Multichannel’ to ‘Omnichannel’ is becoming more prevalent in the new retail climate whereby customers shop the brand, not just the channel. With expectations and demands increasing all the time, what works in today’s world may not be what’s needed tomorrow.


Trust in Maginus to help you excel as a modern retailer. Discover how we can help you evolve to meet ever-changing demands, and flex through your growing pains, after all, we help new and established retailers alike.


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