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    Maginus Order Management Software (Maginus OMS) supports the growth ambitions of modern Wholesale and Direct Commerce organisations, providing scalable, integrated Order Management, Warehouse Management and Fulfilment functionality.


    A Trusted Supplier to an Evolving Market

    Maginus has been a trusted supplier to the Wholesale and Direct Commerce Markets for more than 40 Years. As that market has evolved from catalogue, to call centre, to online, our solutions have had to flex to meet a changing demand. Now we see these organisations changing again, not just servicing their traditional customers through additional sales channels, but reaching out to a whole new client base, sometimes combining both B2B and B2C, sometimes international and on occasion both.

    We have a portfolio of success stories plotting how our customers have grown and evolved utilising the OMS solution to scale business, become omnichannel, develop B2C and B2B verticals and reach global opportunities.

We Recognise your Growing Pains

We often see small, successful companies grow by “getting the job done” with little time or thought for “strategic" IT solutions. However, there comes a point where the move from SME to Enterprise requires the ability to control business processes, analyse performance, support new sales channels and attack new markets.

Use a modern OMS solution to provide the functionality you need to excel today and in the future:

  • Single View of Customer:

  • Understand Your Customer

    To truly understand your customer, catalogue and review each and every touch point between customer and company and manage, in real time, all orders from all sales channels to provide a premium service.

  • Increase Conversion and Basket Size

    Use best practice techniques to increase conversion and average basket size by offering promotions, up-sell, cross-sell messaging and customer specific pricing (in a B2B environment) for the best customer experience.

  • Remove Islands of Information

    Replace disparate, inefficient legacy systems with a single data instance – one version of the truth for all.

  • Single View of Inventory:

  • Complete Visibility of Inventory across the Enterprise

    In order to make the best procurement decisions, see your entire purchase history with suppliers and know precisely what you have in each of your stock locations, wherever they are.

  • It’s not inventory, its delivery the customer cares about

    Ensure you meet the demands of today's customer - next day delivery, multiple delivery addresses, click and collect, drop shipments from multiple suppliers, multiple delivery options and delivery agents.

  • Full Warehouse Efficiency through Integrated Business Processes

    Create a proactive logistics operation with total control over goods receipt, putaway, location control, order picking, packing and despatch.

  • Partner Integrations

  • Make Integration Easy

    Standard Web Service API’s allow for ease of integration into the database and to standard OMS business logic.

  • Our Partner Integrations

    Metapack, payment gateways, WMS, third party POS and eCommerce solutions, VAT calculation products, and financial packages.

  • Business Insight

  • Finance Analysis

    Integrated accounting software gives you real-time revenue and profit analysis.

  • Reporting

    A pre-packed reporting kit gives an organisation all that is required to monitor and manage transactions at a low cost.

  • Decision Support Tools

    Business Intelligence analysis provides decision support tools.

Wholesale Distribution

You don’t need to be Amazon, to sell like them

Amazon Business in the US has over 20 million products in 250 categories, and they have the UK B2B sector firmly in their sights. Whilst wholesalers can’t expect to compete on scale – they can compete in terms of offering the highly bespoke service and personalisation that the online giant does not. Discover how Maginus enables distributors to integrate their online and physical sales channels to provide a unified customer experience.  

Download: General Wholesale Industry Data Sheet

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Maginus OMS

Maginus Order Management Software (Maginus OMS) is a leaner alternative to SAP, Microsoft, Netsuite and Oracle. Maginus OMS provides integrated Order Management, Warehouse Management and Fulfilment functionality.


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